Eatem Foods Company’s primary manufacturing location is a 58,000-square-foot facility in Vineland, N.J. Here, our detail-oriented team of food safety and manufacturing professionals proudly bring you the highest-quality products made under the strictest of standards. Our quality and regulatory programs deliver safe, trusted products with every batch. Now as a proud part of the ADM family of companies, we have even more capabilities to Feed Your Food Business. 

Our processes are tightly regulated by FDA, USDA, QAI, and StarK, and our internal audits maintain the highest standards. We are Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 Level 2 certified. This certification assures that our food safety and quality management systems comply with the international and domestic food safety regulations. The SQF certification program helps reduce inconsistencies and confirms that products have been manufactured, processed, and prepared under rigorous controls and to high standards.

Culinology® extends from our development team to our production team. While our technologically advanced flavor systems are produced using the most cutting-edge flavor technologies, it is our ability to incorporate stove-time qualities into every batch that makes our products unique. Technologically advanced, yet they taste just like homemade.