Experience StockPlusTM

Eatem Foods Company’s StockPlus™ products are value-added stock alternative or broth replacement systems that deliver rich, well-balanced flavor. Our concentrated technology allows you to buy less, use less, and inventory less while maintaining the high-quality taste of your finished products.

Traditional stocks and broths are becoming increasingly harder to source and prices are rising. Contact Eatem Foods to learn more about our stock alternative/broth replacement systems that offer the following attributes:

• Short label declarations

• Shelf-stability for up to one year at ambient temperature (refrigerate after opening)

• No added salt



Chefs have long known that concentrating flavors is the secret to a great tasting dish. With Eatem StockPlus™ we’ve taken the time to build in flavor intensity; we call it “stove time.” Starting with StockPlus™, means that you can create rich, homemade flavors in less time. Use StockPlusTM  as a well-rounded broth or cooking liquid for a variety of applications, including:

• Broths and Stocks     • Soups

• Stews                        • Rice

• Risotto                       • Stir-fry

Broth Replacement 

  • Chicken Broth Replacement - 32% frozen chicken broth
  • Beef Broth Replacement
  • Turkey Broth Replacement
  • Other flavors available

 StockPlustm is the answer to the inability to source frozen 32% chicken broth in the competitive marketplace.