Next Generation Products

These products offer you advanced flavor technology, rich taste, and satisfying mouthfeel. As an added benefit, the concentrated format lets you use less, buy less, and inventory less product.

Concentrated Products

Profile: Easy-to-use concentrated flavor and broth systems to deliver bold impact
Available Varieties: Chicken, Beef, Bacon, Ham, Clam, Turkey, Chicken (Vegetable), Mushroom, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Pepper, Vegetable, Latino, BBQ Flavor, Asian, Mexican, Cheese

Full Flavored Products (WONF)

Profile: Technologically advanced flavor systems provide balanced taste and rich mouthfeel
Available Varieties: Chicken Flavor, Turkey Flavor, Beef Flavor, Pork Flavor, Lobster Flavor

StockPlus™/BrothPlus™ Products (click for more information)

Profile: Value-added broth replacement systems, stock alternatives offer rich, balanced, authentic flavor
Available Varieties: Chicken broth replacement, Turkey broth replacement , Beef broth replacement, Clam broth replacement